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Laser Therapy in Ellicott City

Cold Lasers Treat an Array of Conditions

Erchonia’s cold laser is designed to target muscles and tissues and promote natural healing effectively. Low-level lasers stimulate the body’s light-sensitive components to produce an effect similar to photosynthesis in plants — the cells’ mitochondria are stimulated, encouraging the cell to produce more ATP naturally.

With Erchonia’s combination of red and violet lasers, you get more than just a typical cold laser. The violet and red lasers produce different wavelengths to stimulate different types of healing and provide greater treatment versatility.

Harnessing the power of both red and violet cold low-level lasers, the FX 405 uses low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to treat a broader range of conditions safely and effectively than many other cold lasers available today. The combination of lasers in this innovative design offers unique anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties and can effectively treat an extensive range of conditions.

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With exceptional clinical research and FDA market clearance in treating conditions such as these, EVRL lasers are a trusted and proven treatment approach, allowing practitioners to change patients’ lives without the harmful side effects of traditional treatment options.

Unlock Advanced Healing Power

Experience the remarkable versatility and healing potential of the Erchonia Laser System. Call World Class Chiropractic today to learn how our advanced cold laser therapy can relieve and rejuvenate without harmful side effects.


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