Health Workshops, Lectures, and Seminars

Dr. Steve Silverston is available to give professional health lectures, seminars, and workshops to businesses, organizations, and local schools on wellness, health, and other safety issues. Educating our community on health is something Dr. Silverston passionately believes in, and he is committed to contributing his knowledge, time, and energy to help make our community healthier place.

World Class Chiropractic’s health workshops cover a diverse range of topics that are beneficial and provide useful information in a clear, concise, and yet entertaining approach. Many businesses and organizations find that a healthier workforce is more productive since less time is loss to illness and pain.

With workshops designed to help increase energy, decrease stress, lose weight, improve focus, be more productive, avoid injury, live longer, and more, World Class Chiropractic workshops can be tailored to meet the specific goals and needs of your business or organization. Please review the list of topics below and contact us at 410.461.3435 to set up a free workshop for your business, group, or organization.

Topics for our Health & Wellness Workshops

How to Increase Your Energy While Decreasing Your Stress

This eye-opening workshop that explains the different types of stress we all experience, and how these stresses can negatively affect our health. This workshop explains the positive and the negative sides of stress, as well as how to manage stress in order to increase our individual productivity and energy levels.

Exercise Can Help to Maximize Your Health and Happiness

The benefits of consistent exercise go far beyond simply how good we look and feel physically. During this educational workshop you will learn how exercise improves your physical and mental health, increasing your ability to reach your full potential.

How Good is Your Posture?

Most of us have a work environment where our time is spent sitting — yet, the human body was created to move. Learn the effects that poor posture can have on your health as well as the importance of maintaining an ergonomic workspace during this fun and interactive workshop. You will learn how poor posture/ergonomics over time will affect your overall health. In addition, you will learn great workspace ergonomics, and be given fun and easy exercises you can do at your desk.

Be Empowered to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

While it is wonderful to lose weight and reach your ideal body, it is even better if you can maintain it. Our weight loss workshop will increase your knowledge and understanding about weight loss. This workshop will teach you how to effectively lose weight and keep it off throughout your life, and empower you to take the steps necessary to be successful in achieving your health and wellness goals.