Testimonials About World Class Chiropractic

Sciatic Success!

A few years ago, I started chiropractic care with Dr. Silverston because of a chronic sciatic problem, which caused excruciating pain. After a significant number of chiropractic adjustments, my sciatic problem disappeared!

More recently, I had a serious neck problem that restricted movement and caused excruciating pain. Once again, after chiropractic adjustments, I am pain free and my body is in a state where it heals itself. All of this is possible without any medications. Medication takes care of some problems while causing damage to vital organs. Chiropractic care enables the body to heal itself without damaging critical/vital organs.

Thank God for Dr. Steve Silverston and chiropractic care!!!

~ Dorothy W.

Moving, Walking, and Sleeping Better

As I reflect on my well being today, I must say that I am 85% better than two weeks ago. When I started the program, I could hardly move my neck and walk. My body was very weak, my shoulder pain and back pain was severe. As a result of treatment, education, compassion and love of Doctor Steve and his staff I am focusing, resting, and sleeping better. I walk with so much ease now.

Thank you Dr. Steve and staff. Have a wonderful and blessed day. I pray God’s blessings upon your practice as my energy has increased and my stress has been decreased. What a wonderful experience!

~ Marguerite

Becoming a Better Athlete

In just a few times being here, I noticed that I have been improving in my athletic capabilities, mainly in wrestling. I am now able to beat guys I could not before!

~ Scott D.

Playing Better Golf

My main problem is with lower back pain in addition to some pain in my left leg. Normally, if I work or play golf for any distance, I have to stop due to the pain. After three treatments by Dr. Steve on my back, my wife and I walked around the neighborhood without any lower back or leg pain for the first time in over six months! If this is a result of just three treatments, I look forward to continuing treatments and hopefully be pain free! Maybe my golf game will improve!

I would recommend chiropractic treatment by Dr. Steve to anyone with back pain. As for the staff here, they are very courteous and helpful in every way.

~ Bud H.

Knowledge, Healing, and No Hot Flashes!

I started chiropractic treatment in mid August of 2010. I was visiting this office three times a week and sat in on presentations concerning chiropractic treatment. I was receiving knowledge I did not know or understand. What I thought I knew, I did not know. The real knowledge of chiropractic treatment increased my understanding. It was very motivating and encouraging. I was able to come to this office and present all the areas where there was pain in any sort.

Being consistent is the key to being successful. Exercise and stretch all areas daily. Once I left the office I started to pay close attention to the healing process. It was incredible the to see change in such a short time, and also being able to continue to receive treatment and more knowledge. I was given some daily exercises and stretches to do. It is just awesome and magnificent. I realized that I was going through menopause when I started in August. It’s the beginning of November now, and I have no hot flashes and I am not bursting out in sweat at night. It is just incredible to me.

~ Christine

No Colds, No Flu!

I just realized today that I went through this past winter and did not have a cold or the flu. This is the first year in my memory where I did not have at least one cold. This is also the first year in which I am having regular, weekly chiropractic adjustments.

~ Gayden G.

More Than Recovery from My Auto Accident

One month ago I was in so much pain from an auto accident that I could not turn my head, or left my arm without severe pain. Chiropractic has helped me mentally, physically, and emotionally. I have been battling depression for twelve years, and since seeing Dr. Steve I have been more positive and able to concentrate on the good. I am able to exercise more, I drink more water, and pay attention to the food I eat. I have added more veggies and fruit to my diet to enhance my health. Chiropractic has even helped my lifestyle. I find it easier to relax, and I am feeling so much better that I am friendlier and more open with people.

Thank you Dr. Steve and staff!

~ Nuria G.