Fight Allergies with Chiropractic Care

Many people suffer allergies that keep them from enjoying the outdoors, especially during Spring. Often these individuals will use various medications to help reduce their allergy symptoms.

Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy being outside without sneezing, or having itchy eyes and a runny nose? Have you ever wondered if there was a way to reduce the effects of your allergies without having to take medications? For many people, the answer is "yes."

Allergies and Your Immune System

woman suffering from allergiesThe human immune system is an amazing and complex network that does its very best to protect us and keep us well. For the most part, it does a great job. Each day your immune system identifies and attacks foreign substances like viruses, cancers, and bacteria by creating antibodies to protect you. However, in some cases, allergens, like dust and pollen, can cause an inflammatory or histamine response in the body even though these allergens are not harmful like a virus is. But if your immune system is not functioning as it should, it will create unnecessary antibodies to fight against these non-harmful substances. When this happens, we can experience undesirable allergic reactions called allergies. While you are suffering from allergies, your body can over-produce elements like mucus which can accumulate and eventually cause upper respiratory infections, sinus infections, and digestive discomfort.

It is easy to see that the better your immune system is functioning, the less it is likely to attack non-harmful substances in your body. To learn more about your immune system, please check out our article on the immune system.

Chiropractic Care for Allergies

One of the major benefits of regular chiropractic care is a better functioning and stronger immune system. Your immune system relies on the nerves in the body to communicate with your brain about what is happening with every aspect of your body. If there is a subluxation (misalignment) to the vertebrae in your spine, your nervous system will not communicate with your brain as well as it should. When this happens, your immune system will not be functioning optimally, and this breakdown in communication will make it harder for your immune system to know whether it is fighting off a virus, or whether you simply breathed in some pollen.

Chiropractors find and correct your subluxations allowing your immune system to function as best as it can. For many people who suffer from allergies, chiropractic adjustments will result in reduced allergy symptoms and in some cases even eliminate allergic reactions.

Set An Appointment

If you or any family members suffer from allergies, set an appointment with Dr. Steve Silverston and he will be able to determine if there is any interference preventing your immune system from functioning as it should. Call us at 410.461.3435 to set an appointment, or use our appointment form. If you have friends who suffer from allergies, please recommend this article to them.